“My soul magnifies Adonai;     
and my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior,   
who has taken notice of his servant-girl     
in her humble position. . .

The Mighty One has done great things for me!"

my little lamb,

over a week has gone by since we first found out that you were going to come crashing into our world ─ since your daddy and i hugged and jumped up and down and laughed and cried on the front porch ─ and still the idea of being your mom hasn't quite settled.

i'll be standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes, and suddenly i'm crying.
i'll be on the couch watching a tv show, and suddenly my hands are over my eyes and i'm thinking deep breaths.
i'll be in bed trying to fall asleep after a long hard day, and suddenly i'm laughing out loud for joy.

because i've waited for what seemed like so long. i've prayed and dreamed and wondered and hoped and wanted and now.
now. that one word is brimming with so much relief, love, joy, peace & fulfillment. 

your daddy is beyond excited to see you. he's doing a lot of smiling and cooing at you these days. i don't think i will never forget the look of wonder on his face when he found out you were on the way. there are so many things that he's excited to teach you, so many things we can't wait to learn from being your parents.

your papa in heaven is rejoicing, too, for you are his precious treasure. he is forming your innermost parts as we speak, molding you with his own hands, instilling in you the radical miracle of existence. i can't wait to start teaching you all about his love, and helping you discover his plan for you.

  - you are about as big as a sweet pea.
  - your brain, spinal cord, and other important things are growing quickly.
  - your little heart is beating strong (almost twice as fast as mine!)
  - it's been very, very tiring growing you, so we've been taking lots of naps.

much love,

lately. / 12.5.13

i, ii. It rained yesterday; I sat on our porch bundled up in a sweater, indulging in a novel + coffee.
iii, iv. The sky was mesmerizing when I went for a bike ride on monday.
v. New glasses came in the mail; I wore red lipstick and took some self-portraits.

To say that I was excited about the release of VSCO Cam for Android devices is an understatement.